Eagle Store Documentation


This set of instructions is meant to serve stakeholders for the initial launch of Harker's Eagle Store and cannot be kept current with changes to Shopify. The Shopify Help Center should be considered the authoritative documentation going forward.


Contacts •  Roles & Responsibilities


Ordering •  Reordering •  Entering •  Bulk Editing


Receiving Overview •  Receiving Inventory •  Receiving Returns •  Receiving Checked-Out Product (PoS)

Fulfilling Orders

Fulfillment Overview •  Complete Orders •  Partial Orders


Returns Overview •  Processing Returns

Point of Sale

Point of Sale Overview •  Checkout Product from Fulfillment Center •  Checkin (Return) Product to Fulfillment Center


The Harker School
Teré Aveces terea@harker.org

Performa, Albrecht & Co.
Wade Hirsch wade@albrechtco.com
Megan Day megan.day@albrechtco.com

Roles & Responsibilities

The Harker School
Eagle store owner ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Eagle Store, including budget, purchasing, online store maintenance, merchandising and marketing of the store. Provides all product-related artwork, return authorizations and second-tier customer support to the front-line when necessary. (Initially, provides front-line customer support until fulfillment center is ready to assume this responsibility or parent volunteers are brought on-board.)

Performa, Albrecht & Co.
Store supplier, places and coordinates orders with vendors. Manages all special orders and special order product fulfillment.

California Mailing Services
Fulfillment center responsible for kitting, inventory, inventoried product order fulfillment and, eventuially, first-tier customer support.


Ordering & Reordering

  1. Harker inputs details for the products they wish to order in the online form, "New Order" and then notifies both Albrecht contacts via email.
  2. Harker creates or edits the products or variants in Shopify.
  3. Albrecht orders the products, copies the lines from, "New Order" to the online form, "Processed" and creates a transfer in Shopify. The transfer must include the best possible guess on expected date if the actual date isn't available.
  4. Albrecht updates transfer in Shopify with revised shipping dates and tracking numbers when this information becomes available.


Bulk Editing
Shopify's bulk editor allows you to modify multiple products or product variants at the same time. Update almost any field, like price, weight, etc across multiple products. See the article, "Bulk editing products and variants" in the Shopify Help Center.


Receiving Overview

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Receiving Inventory

Receiving Returns

Receiving Checked-Out Product (PoS)

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